Carbodeon materials create the opportunity to modify a multitude of mechanical and thermal properties in almost any polymers.

Nanodiamond polymer composites exhibit several different properties compared to the equivalent unmodified polymer.  The changes are due in part to the numerically high mechanical and thermal properties of diamond, and in part due to nanoscale effects obtained by dispersing small particles into the polymer material.  The surface functionalisation of the nanodiamond particles means they will interact with the polymer molecules, as well as any other filler materials present.  Particularly in the case of polymers containing fillers, the modification in properties is very high, even when extremely low amounts of nanodiamond are added.

Typical nanocomposite applications:

Polymers for modification include various thermoplastics such as PA, PAI, PEEK, PTFE and others as well as epoxides, silicones and elastomers.

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